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Professional Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning in Solihull

Handling of multiple fabric types from toughest leather to softest silk and velvet is the specialisation we have achieved at our Upholstery Cleaning Solihull services. Our cleaning methods, materials, and machines have varying capabilities for ensuring stain-free surface, soil-free fibres, moisture free interiors and highest aesthetic finishing through our cleaning procedures. We deploy dry cleaning, hot water extraction, shampooing, and gentle hand cleaning methods. They ensure complete restoration of yarn and fabric materials to the near to original condition when you brought them home for the first time.


Experience in Upholstery Cleaning is the prime factor that motivates our efficient methods. We use the most advanced equipment and tools in the most innovative ways possible. We aim to deep clean all your upholstery for bedding, sofas, chairs, windows, and doors, tables, and entire home furniture.

  • Stain Cleaning:  Deep stain cleaning could be a challenging task, especially on soft and silky materials that are susceptible to damages. We use moderately hot water combined with organic cleaning agents. All our cleaning liquids carry the quality certification of British environment agency and upholstery cleaning standards. By using the clever combination of scientific methods and efficient liquids, we can eliminate the toughest types of stains on softest upholstery you can find in your home. Similarly, we have the toughest cleaning liquids and equipment to remove the hardest to remove stains from leather and synthetic fabrics.
  • Soil Removal: Soil deposits on upholstery in the drawing room and guest room can be the other toughest challenge you can face. Sometimes they even penetrate the depths of fabric and can become difficult to remove. Trying to remove those stains using chemicals may work faster, but it could lead to yarn and fabric damages. In cases of tough leather fabrics, chemicals can cause surface damages and reduce lifespan of upholstery. Hence, we have devised plenty of soft and efficient methods for soil removal with no damages to the fabric.
  • Odour Removal:  Pet odour can be nauseating, irritating, allergic, and infectious. Our Upholstery Cleaning services can extract pet odour from the entire upholstery core. We can use the best cleaning liquids with ingredients for germs removal, odour removal, fragrance infusion, and coating of hygienic and immunity characters to your upholstery.
  • Brightness Enhancement: Upholstery fabrics tend to become dull and worn out after using them for some years. We can restore the brightness of yarn and shining appearance of fabric with our cleaning procedures. It is possible due to the highest quality of ingredients in the cleaning liquids we use. They can ensure the best restoration of aesthetic appearance to the upholstery within the shortest span of time.


Our expertise in Upholstery Cleaning reflects in the numbers of permanent clients we have. Entering into cleaning contracts with us can be helpful in saving money and getting reliable cleaning services. We can handle all your emergency and large-scale orders on special occasions in your home and business establishments almost immediately after we receive your call.

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